Tuesday, May 30, 2017

3m4 Back To The Future - The Commentary

We are excited to share our feature-length audio commentary for Back To The Future. After weeks of exploring Alan Silvestri's sensational underscore (as well as the film's memorable song soundtrack) we're thrilled to revisit one of our favorite films from start to finish. Back To The Future is arguably one of the most entertaining pieces of cinema and rewards rewatching like perhaps no other movie. It has been a pleasure and a privilege covering BTTF and today we hope to put all its' wonderful music and story into context.  Sit back, crack open a Pepsi-free and enjoy! It's like Doc always says, "if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything".

Back To The Future - Alan Silvestri - 1985 - Universal Pictures (Robert Zemeckis, dir,)
-[The Power of Love]
-[The Washington Post March]
-[Time Bomb Town]
-DeLorean Reveal
-Disintegrated Einstein
-'85 Twin Pines Mall
-Peabody Barn
-Ditches DeLorean
-[Mr. Sandman]
-'55 Town Square
-[The Ballad of Davy Crockett]
-Is That You
-Retrieve DeLorean
-Dream Boat
-Picture Fades
-[Out The Window]
-[The Wallflower]
-Skateboard Chase
-The Letter
-[Night Train]
-[Pledging My Love]
-Biff Attacks
-Marvin Be-Bop
-George To The Rescue
-Reaching For Lorraine
-[Earth Angel]
-Marty Disappears
-The Kiss
-Earth Angel Overlay
-[Johnny B. Goode]
-Goodnight Marty
-It's Been Educational
-Clock Tower
-[Heaven Is One Step Away]
-Lone Pine Mall
-[Back In Time]
-4 x 4
-Doc Returns
-End Credits

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