Thursday, May 31, 2018


Score study:
"Spotting Session for The Incredibles" Complete Cue List

The Incredibles (Piano/Keyboard sheet music) - Michael Giacchino [Hal Leonard]


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

6m3 The Incredible Spotting Session

We've come at very long last to our third Incredi-Episode - it's another "spotting session". As in the past, once again we move cue by cue, reflecting on each piece of underscore in our film subject. Along the way we explore the air-tight, impeccably balanced story beats of Brad Bird's modern-day masterpiece and reveal the always deft, story-wise hand of composer Michael Giacchino. This is a score brimming with color, melody and superhero-sized heart. On our previous episode we identified and celebrated the many character themes & variations from The Incredibles; today we uncover just how Giacchino artfully weaves them into the fabric of the finished film. What a treat!
[A special note: it has truly pained us to have been away from producing the show for so long. We apologize for the unexpected & unprecedented hiatus. We're doing everything we can to bring our weekly show back on schedule and cannot thank you enough for your patience - you are the Supers!]

The Incredibles - Michael Giacchino - 2004 - Pixar Animation Studios (Brad Bird, dir,)

The Incredibles (Music from the Motion Picture)


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