Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3m3 Back To The Future - Spotting Session

As if we weren't already having fun, today we walk piece by piece through the entire cue list of Back To The Future. From the misty reveal of the time-traveling DeLorean to the dazzling final shot, Alan Silvestri's score is thrilling, funny, and unforgettable. We explore the unique connective tissue of the underscore and in so doing uncover yet more depth and narrative beauty in this cinema classic. Today marks our final score preparation for Silvestri's masterwork as we look forward to next week's full-length audio commentary. Enjoy!

Back To The Future - Alan Silvestri - 1985 - Universal Pictures (Robert Zemeckis, dir,)
-DeLorean Reveal
-Disintegrated Einstein
-'85 Twin Pines Mall
-Peabody Barn
-Ditches DeLorean
-'55 Town Square
-Is That You
-Retrieve DeLorean
-Dream Boat
-Picture Fades
-Skateboard Chase
-The Letter
-Biff Attacks
-Marvin Be-Bop
-George To The Rescue
-Reaching For Lorraine
-Marty Disappears
-The Kiss
-Earth Angel Overlay
-It's Been Educational
-Clock Tower
-Lone Pine Mall
-4 x 4
-Doc Returns
-End Credits

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