Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3m2 The Songs of Back To The Future

Today is a first for the podcast - an entire episode devoted not to a film's underscore but its song soundtrack. It would be impossible to talk about the musical fabric of Back To The Future without exploring the wide variety of memorable songs featured in the film. From songs penned specifically for the movie to its many popular period hits, everything is covered on today's episode. Huey Lewis & The News? Check. Johnny B. Goode? Check. That Van Halen solo in Marty's tape player? Doc, we've got 'em all. And as we discovered, following the thread of these songs highlights a beautiful emotional arc hidden in the film - a story of a teenager coming to discover his own voice through the power of song. Heavy!

Back To The Future - Alan Silvestri - 1985 - Universal Pictures (Robert Zemeckis, dir,)
-The Power of Love (Huey Lewis, Chris Hayes, Johnny Colla) 
-The Washington Post March (John Philip Sousa)
-Time Bomb Town (Lindsey Buckingham)
-Mr. Sandman (Pat Ballard)
-The Ballad of Davy Crockett (George Bruns, Thomas Blackburn)
-Out the Window (Eddie Van Halen) from the film, The Wild Life (1984)
-The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) (Hank Ballard, Johnny Otis, Jamesetta Rogers)
-Night Train (Jimmy Forrest, Lewin Simpkins, Oscar Washington)
-Pledging My Love(Ferdinand Washington, Don Robey)
-Earth Angel (Jesse Belvin, Gaynel Hodge, Curtis Williams)
-Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)
-Heaven is One Step Away (Eric Clapton)
-Back in Time (Huey Lewis, Chris Hayes, Johnny Colla, Sean Hopper)
-Back To The Future (End Credits) Alan Silvestri

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