Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Interview: Gabriel Mann

Today we are delighted to share our conversation with composer/producer Gabriel Mann. You know Gabriel as the composer for the multiple-Emmy winning television series Modern Family, including its signature title theme. He has also composed the music to Rosewood, Dr. Ken, Rectify, Dawn of the Croods, and School of Rock, currently airing on Nickelodeon. Additionally, Gabriel is an in-demand record producer and his band The Rescues has met great acclaim since its founding in 2008. Fans of Arrested Development will recognize Gabriel as he served as the resident songwriter and vocalist for the series. Along with Rebecca Kneubel, Mann composed the scores to three games in the popular Spyro series. A graduate of the USC scoring program and a great champion of melodic pop music Gabriel is a delight to talk to and an all around enthusiastic and hilarious person. Enjoy!


-Leaky Family - from Rectify (Sundance Channel / Gran Via Productions)
-This Feeling - from the album Tall Buildings (Gabriel Mann, 2007)
Arrested Development (Imagine Television):
  -As It Is Such (Gabriel Mann, David Schwartz, Lucy Schwartz)
  -Getaway (Mitch Hurwitz, Gabriel Mann, David Schwartz)
-Floating Islands - from Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (Gabriel Mann, Rebecca Kneubuhl)
Modern Family (ABC/ 20th Century Fox Television):
  -Main Title 
  -Feldman Brenda
-Can't Stand The Rain - from the album Let Loose The Horses (The Rescues, 2010)
Dr. Ken (ABC Studios / Sony Pictures Television)
  -Main Title
Rosewood (20th Century Fox Television)
Marry Me (NBC / Sony Pictures TV)
-I Was Just Worried About You

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