Sunday, February 12, 2017

Introducing UnderScore!

Greetings! We're composer/orchestrator brothers Marty & Will Brueggemann and are excited to announce a brand new podcast on film music - UnderScore.
Our show will take a unique non-uniform structure to explore classics of the genre, one film at a time.

UnderScore will be a weekly podcast, with each month of episodes showcasing a different film. The individual episodes will take unique perspectives on a score by examining themes and motives, historical context, behind the scenes stories, cultural relevance, film spotting, cue lists and more. Every podcast month will culminate in a feature-length audio commentary where we'll take all that we've learned into the context of the complete film.

UnderScore will be a cross-platform experience; look to our blog for ongoing supplements to episodes, additional deep-dive conversations, score/theory excerpts and the latest in film music news. Brought to you by the marcato brothers network, home of the Super Marcato Bros. Videogame Music Podcast.

Coming soon - each and every tuesday! UnderScore premieres February 21st

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