Tuesday, February 28, 2017

1m2 Themes of the Lost Ark

This week on the podcast, we continue our discussion of the soundtrack to "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The next step on our journey is an examination of the many interesting themes of the film. From the highly religious and ominous "Ark Theme" to the suggestive and romantic theme for Marion, today's episode covers the wide variety of melodies and leitmotifs in this treasure trove of a score!                                                                                                            

 Raiders of the Lost Ark  - John Williams - Paramount Pictures - 1981 (Steven Spielberg, dir.)
-Washington Ending
-The Map Room: Dawn
-A Thought For Marion
-To Nepal
-The Miracle of the Ark
-Washington Men / Indy's Home
-Marion's Theme / The Crate
-Flight to Cairo
-The Basket Game
-The Medallion
-The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing
-Ride to the Nazi Hideout
-Reunion in the Tent / Searching for the Well
-The German Sub
-The Idol Cave
-Dessert Chase
-Flight From Peru
-The Well of Souls
-In the Jungle
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  1. You mention Herrmann's Vertigo in relation to the Ark theme but I also hear echoes of Herrmann's 1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth in it.


  2. Ooh, great catch! Now I can't get James Mason out of my head :) Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of my favorite ever Herrmann scores (would love to talk about it on the show sometime - the film and score seem such a vital influence to Lucas/Spielberg/Williams). Thanks for listening!