Thursday, November 30, 2017

6m2 Incredible Themes

Our second episode focused on The Incredibles (2004) explores the wonderful themes at the heart of Michael Giacchino's score. We first discuss the two central motifs (which we call Main Theme and Main Fanfare) and reveal how they influence the character of the entire underscore. While perhaps lesser known, we dive into the wonderful character themes Giacchino composed for each member of the 'family of supers' - the outwardly shy and inwardly courageous Violet; the optimistic and irrepressible Dash; the brave and resourceful Helen 'Elastigirl' Parr. We also delight in Michael's theme for Incrediboy, music that at first seems sweet and innocent but foreshadows something sinister. Grab your earbuds and your supersuits, we're in for a rollicking ride. #nocapes

The Incredibles - Michael Giacchino - 2004 - Pixar Animation Studios (Brad Bird, dir,)
-The Glory Days
-Meet Elastigirl
-Adventure Calling
-Bob vs. The Omnidroid
-Violet's In Charge
-100 Mile Dash
-A Whole Family of Supers
-Road Trip!
-Saving Metroville
-Incredible Success
-The Incredits


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