Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2m3 Spotting Session: Vertigo

Today we take all that we've learned thus far about Bernard Herrmann's iconic score to Vertigo and make our way through the entire cue list of the film. We explore Herrmann's mastery in weaving strong and memorable motives throughout this deeply hypnotic score. It's a chance to familiarize ourselves with the musical narrative of the film before next week's Vertigo finale - the complete UnderScore audio commentary. Don't look down!

Vertigo - Bernard Herrmann -Paramount/Universal - 1958 (Alfred Hitchcock, dir.)
-The Window
-Madeline's First Appearance
-Madeline's Car
-The Flower Shop
-The Alleyway
-The Mission
-Mission Organ
-Carlotta's Portrait
-The Hotel
-The Hallway
-The Catalog
-The Gallery
-The Bay
-By the Fireside
-The Streets
-The Outing
-The Forest
-The Beach
-The Dream
-Farewell - The Tower
-The Nightmare -Dawn
-The Past -The Girl
-The Letter
-Goodnight -The Park
-The Hair Color
-The Beauty Parlor
- Scene D'Amour
-The Necklace
-The Return -Finale

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