Tuesday, March 7, 2017

1m3 Raiders' Spotting Session

In today's episode, we continue our focus on the Raiders score and set the stage for the first UnderScore Commentary Track! This week we travel piece by piece through all of the music cues in the film and discuss their function as the story unfolds. Join us in these final weeks as we wrap up our exciting Indiana Jones adventure!  

 Raiders of the Lost Ark  - John Williams - Paramount Pictures - 1981 (Steven Spielberg, dir.) 
-In the Jungle
-The Idol Cave 
-Escape From the Temple
-Flight From Peru 
-Washington Men / Indy's Home 
-A Thought For Marion
-To Nepal  
-The Medallion 
-Flight to Cairo 
-The Basket Game
-Bad Dates  
-The Map Room: Dawn 
-Reunion in the Tent / Searching for the Well 
-The Well of Souls
-Uncovering the Ark  
-Indy Rides the Statue
-The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing
-Dessert Chase 
-Marion's Theme / The Crate 
-The German Sub 
-Ride to the Nazi Hideout
-Indy Follows the Ark  
-The Miracle of the Ark 
-Washington Ending
-The Raiders March     

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